Muddy's Cup Welcomes You!​

We are very passionate about our coffee.
Back in the day, when our up-and-coming espresso store used to be simply making first rounds amongst severa espresso junkies in the nearby area, a thought of our operations has been developed. From the very begin we desired to be pleasant and exquisite in as many methods as possible.

People Love Our Coffee!

Every single person who’ve ever tasted our coffees has something super nice to say about it!

My friends, have recommended this place. Now, I visit it each day after work, though it takes me 5 more minutes to walk. But it’s totally worth it!
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The prices are as good as the menu! Each time I spend less money, than anywhere else and get a fresh, tasty, awesome coffee!
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Awesome Coffee

Real coffee for people with an instant lifestyle.

Our Standards


Hazelnut; Caramel; Creamy; Cocoa; Peach; Orange; Lemon; Cinnamon; Pumpkin…

American Comfort

Despite being a European restaurant, visiting our place feels just as casual as any traditional American restaurant would feel…

Cappuccino Centered

The cappuccino is probably the single most popular coffee drink in the entire history of the world!